iMobileIntervals: Intervals for the iPhone

January 31, 2010

iMobileIntervals (iMi) is the ultimate flexible, powerful intervals training tool for iPhone and iPod Touch.
iMi uses speech technology or tones to guide you through your workout. Any arrangement of time-based intervals is possible with iMi.

///////// HIGHLIGHTS //////////
Sophisticated management of workout and training plan content at (free)
Use public workouts or make your own on the website.
Workouts load over net, but no network connection needed to run.
App “speaks” the upcoming interval for you for hands and eyes free operation.
e.g. “30 seconds of over-gear at cadence 50 and zone sub-LT, starting in 3, 2, 1…”
Easy to read graphical display of workout progress
Displays current zone Heart Rate and Watts as calculated from threshold values entered on website.
Displays Perceived Exertion for the current interval
Built-in iPod music player
Per interval and per workout music collections make for a highly customizable user experience.
Works when locked!
iMi displays today’s workouts! Make a training plan of workouts, set a start date and iMi serves them up.

//////// MORE FEATURES //////////
Possible to make intervals that only use tones for prompting
For each interval you can specify:
duration (required)
zone of intensity
Logical blocks of intervals can be created (e.g. 5 times 1 minute on, 1 minute off)
Public library of workouts, sorted by Author, category, or rating.
Make your workouts public and share with the world!
Flexible groups support collaboration, personal coaching, teams sharing training plans, and more
Join or create a group and share workouts and training plans in your group
Super cool timeline viewer/editor with drag and drop for building training plans at
Email notification of upcoming workouts in your training plans